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Comfortable pillow

The main function of the pillow is to support the cervical spine. Without it, the quality of sleep will be greatly reduced. Because the newborn’s cervical spine is straight, the cervical spine will naturally appear vertical when lying flat, so there is no need to rely on pillows to support it, and if you use a pillow that is too soft before 6 months, you may experience suffocation. 

Experts believe that pillows are not needed until the baby sleeps in a fixed posture after 3 months. If the baby's pillow is too high or low, it will affect the smooth breathing and blood circulation in the neck, and affect the quality of sleep and mental state during the day. Choosing a pillow for your baby should be determined according to the baby's age and physiological characteristics.

The height of the infancy pillow is about 3-4 cm, and the length is the most suitable for the width of the baby's shoulders. The stuffing in the pillow is also exquisite. Traditionally in China, there is a habit of letting children sleep on rice pillows. Northerners like to put sorghum rice or mung beans, while southerners put ordinary rice. In fact, pillows that are too hard are not suitable for newborns. Children who sleep on them for a long time sweat their heads and then rub against them. Some will rub out ring-shaped baldness or make the occiput too flat.

And long-term side sleep will lead to asymmetrical skull growth, which is not conducive to the healthy development of brain tissue. It is best to choose softer cattail, reed, buckwheat husk, grain husk, kapok and other materials as pillow cores, of which kapok is the best.